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       Welcome,       Please be sure to sign our guest book…         Our knowledgeable guide will be glad to take you on a full tour of our museum. You’ll feel as though you have stepped back in time while you visit the “Sewing Room” the “Telephone Room” and the multi-display room, including the “Vincent’s 5 cent to $1Store”, some historical photographs and a wall of farm tools.        Please be sure to take a close look at the old sewing machine, the tatting shuttle and “Tilly” the kerosene heater.   They bring back a lot of memories for many of us.

       After visiting some of the themed rooms,                                    you’ll want to take a closer look at our many individual exhibits. they range from Leesburg’s early days (when logging & making turpentine was big business in the area) to more modern times team jackets were the latest symbol for achievement.

       Sorry, but our coin-operated pony ride is no longer taking riders. The pony ride was donated by “Vincent’s 5 cent to $1 Store (AKA Vincent’s Variety and Jr, Department Stores, Inc.)

       The old barrel-shaped voting box was contemporary for the times. Florida ratified the 19th Amendments on May 13, 1969.

       An encouraging window display represents the “Leesburg Ladies Who Helped to Preserve Our History”

       The Medical Display reminds us that there was not always a “Group Medical Plan”. But there were the reliable scale, mortar & pestle, & , many inventive nostrums & potions.

       Whether you were looking for a baby carriage, a kerosene burner, or a toaster, in those “simpler times” you could find it all in the Sears, Roebuck & Company (Cheapest Supply House) catalogue.    


The “Wall of Florida History”    (formerly located in the Citizens National Bank)

     Ponce de Leon, sailing from Puerto Rico to find the Fountain of Youth, sighted the Florida coast on Easter Sunday (“Pascua Florida” in Spanish) in 1513. Above, coat of arms of King Phillip of Spain who backed the expedition to the new land.

     Ponce de Leon landed three days later at the mouth of the St. Johns river and named the new land In honor of the day of Its discovery, or because of the abundant lowers he found (Spanish, Florida, “flowery”).

Detail from Ponce de Leon window
Some Recent Acquisitions

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

       The B-17G was the final version of the Flying Fortress incorporating all changes made to its predecessor, the B-17F, and in total, 8,680 were built, the last (by Lockheed) on 28 July 1945.

           Photograph Donated by Tracey Dean,

Airport Manager and Mona Stegall Sanford, sister of Andrew Stegall, Jr.

              Group photo at bottom includes:
Andrew Talmage Stegall, Jr, USAAC WW II
                  (15 Sep 1925 - 17 Jul 1994)
Born Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida,
buried Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, 
Leesburg, Lake County, Florida

The Crescent Drug Prescription Book

  (Gift of Edward H. Riddle of Crescent Drug)

For nearly half a century, while Leesburg was growing from a village into a city, the Crescent Drug Store on the corner of Main and Third streets was its cultural center.
       Albert Bragdon, Crescent’s gentle pharmacist, became the man all Leesburg loved and trusted.
Albert Bragdon died Mar 12 1958.
       A chattel mortgage (commercial loan) dated 14 July 1959, shows Lewie Rogers and William Palmer acquiring the drug store fixtures.
       November 9, 1961, a judgment against Crescent Drug Store, with co-partnership of Lewie Rogers and William Palmer.
       June 1, 1964, a Limited Partnership was formed with partners: Edward H. Riddle, general partner, Jack Crouch, Jr., Rantson E. Davis, Robert E. Larsen, Walter S. McLin III, Amos V. Marchant, Jeanette H. Robertson, William J. Weber. They were involuntarily dissolved 12/16/1981.

From the early twentieth century, the Crescent Drug Store recorded all the prescriptions they issued in this invoice book.
               (below are pages from the book)




Child's carriage (1800s)
(Gift of Glenn Beth of Longwood)



Toaster & Patent Drawing
Miracle Electric Company
Patent #D101359
(Donated by Bev Ohnstad)

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